Siggy flicker dating advice

17-Jun-2017 19:56

“I’m going to take back the word never.” Ding-dong! We are treated to a montage of Danielle and Teresa’s greatest hits (“ENGAGED 19 TIMES??? Over wine and Chinese food, Siggy suggests a getaway to help Melissa celebrate her upcoming birthday and to give Teresa a much-deserved break.

Teresa gets a flower delivery, and it’s from Danielle! They’re headed to Siggy’s old stomping grounds of Boca Raton, where she raised her babies and where her best friends and plastic surgeons (note the plural) still live.

“All right, take it (bleeping) down a notch,” Margaret tells her. And where does Season Eight leave the other ladies?

But she’s also concerned about her son Frankie, the man of the house, clashing with her alpha male ex.