Dating traditions in latin america

10-Dec-2017 10:18

In addition to Mexico’s observance of May 10, here are some dates which other countries in Latin America celebrate Mother’s Day: El Salvador and Guatemala also celebrate on May 10 Spain: the 1 Sunday in May Paraguay: May 15 (also Día de la Patria) Dominican Republic: always last Sunday in May Bolivia: May 27 Nicaragua: May 30 Argentina: 3rd Sunday in October Costa Rica: August 15 (also the Assumption of Mary) Panama: December 8 (also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception) As you can see, the dates of this wonderful holiday vary from place to place.Some countries such as Paraguay tie Mother’s day in with religious holidays or the observance of Independence Day.“The whole culture of going to bars and flirting with strangers is considered kind of weird,” explains Kevin, who is from Taiwan.“Without a strong understanding of Chinese users’ behavior, which is influenced by Chinese culture, tradition, and economic development, a foreign competitor would really struggle to get it right,” warns Shang Koo, the chief financial officer of, China’s largest online-dating platform.According to David Evans, an industry consultant and the editor of Online Dating Insider, cyberromance will rapidly develop across Asia and throughout the rest of the world in the next few years, due to increasing Internet access.

“On our first date, we went to the theater, where he held my hand the whole time.We all know it’s a day where we do something special, or at the very least we wish someone a Happy Mother’s Day verbally or in a note, card, email, text, etc. S., we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Latinos have the opportunity to celebrate/observe the holiday twice.