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18-Oct-2017 23:39

Same thing with testosterone: testosterone makes large necks and strong jaws and a lower voice.

That also means the person is fit; the person is healthy.

Beauty, for example, is a way in which we have of judging the health of another person. According to evolutionary psychology, the markers are for estrogen and testosterone, shown in the body by beauty and physical health.

For example, estrogen has estrogen markers: large eyes, small chin and thick lips.

Lately, it has become evident that toxins from anaerobic bacteria have the same ability to create non-self autoimmune diseases by interfering with the MHC. Price wondered why dentistry was considered a “health” profession.

Price was concerned about the pathological bacteria found in nearly all root canal teeth of that time.

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Let’s go back to the graphs of ALS up through the year 2000.Note an increase in 1976 and another increase in slope in 1991.

Which is exactly what this math has been setting up.… continue reading »

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USB headsets with microphones may have more advantages than 1/8" Analog mini-jack types that often compete with your speaker system.… continue reading »

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